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MountFrame© allows you to measure the space between existing frames or wall elements accurately. You can then use its features to place the new frame perfectly, ensuring a harmonious look throughout your space.

Hassle-Free Alignment and Installation

Imagine effortlessly hanging your favorite frames in perfect alignment every time. MountFrame© brings this ease to your home. With its built-in leveler and marking pins, gone are the days of crooked frames and repeated measurements. Whether it's your family portraits or cherished artwork, MountFrame© ensures they're displayed flawlessly, enhancing the charm of your home.

Time-Saving Convenience for Multiple Frames

MountFrame© is a game-changer for gallery walls and photo collages. Aligning multiple frames becomes a breeze, saving you precious time and effort. This tool is your companion in transforming blank walls into personalized spaces filled with memories, all done within minutes. Your living room or hallway gallery will come to life, reflecting your style and stories, effortlessly and perfectly.

Effortless Artistic Display

Imagine effortlessly aligning and installing your cherished artwork or family photos. With MountFrame©, this ease becomes a reality. Its built-in leveler and marking pins turn the daunting task of precise placement into a simple, joyous activity. As you step back, you admire how each frame complements your space, enhancing the overall charm of your home. This tool not only simplifies the process but also empowers you to create a space that reflects your style and memories​​.

Cost-Effective and Damage-Free Installation

Think of the hassle and expense you save when using MountFrame©. No more hiring professionals or dealing with wall damage from repeated hammering and nailing. This innovative tool ensures a damage-free installation, preserving the integrity of your walls while being budget-friendly. It's not just about hanging pictures; it's about doing it smartly and economically, allowing you to frequently refresh your space without additional costs or wall repairs.

Time-Saving and Professional Setup

Envision transforming a blank wall into a personalized gallery in minutes, not hours. MountFrame© is the key to this quick and professional setup. Its intuitive design saves you time, allowing for easy adjustments and perfect alignment. The result is a stunning display that looks like it was done by a professional, yet it's all your own work. This tool turns the task of hanging multiple frames from a chore into a delightful experience, leaving you with more time to enjoy your beautifully adorned walls

Questions? We've got you covered.

MountFrame© is designed for easy, solo operation. You can use techniques like tracing the frame on kraft paper to determine the exact positioning and marking for hanging, making the process straightforward even when working alone.

The tool's design includes features like a built-in leveler and marking pins to ensure precise placement. This means your frames are not only aligned correctly but are also securely fastened to the wall, reducing the risk of accidents or misalignment.

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Limited stock

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