Effortless Reach, Boundless Comfort

* Imagine a world where bending over is a choice, not a necessity. EasyPick brings that world to your fingertips. With just a simple extension, you can grasp life's little essentials without a strain on your back. It's not just a tool; it's your companion for a pain-free, comfortable living. The joy of reaching high shelves or picking up dropped keys without a wince of discomfort brings an instant sigh of relief.

EasyPick - Ergonomic Gripper With Magnetic

Ergonomic comfort
Back pain relief
Versatile & foldable
Anti-slip grip
Light-weight magnet

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Imagine a tool that's there when you need it and invisible when you don't. EasyPick's thoughtful design includes a hanging loop for easy storage and a foldable structure that allows it to blend into your space seamlessly. It's more than storing a tool; it's about preserving the aesthetics and functionality of your living space.


Compact Convenience, Anywhere You Go

Picture the freedom of having your personal assistant tucked away, ready at a moment's notice. EasyPick's foldable design means you can carry it wherever life takes you, turning every challenging reach into a moment of ease. Unfold, grab, and fold back – it's your cycle of convenience, fitting seamlessly into your life, providing a helping hand whenever you need it.

Back Relief in a Snap

Just when you thought bending over was the only way, EasyPick says no more. Its ergonomic design lets you grab anything with a simple squeeze—no bending, no pain, just relief.

Sure-Grip Assurance

Those slippery items that seem to always evade your grasp? Not anymore. EasyPick's anti-slip jaws clamp down with certainty, giving you the confidence of a falcon snagging its prey.

Versatile Assistant for Daily Ease

Whether you're reaching for a high shelf in the kitchen, picking up the morning paper, or tending to your garden, EasyPick adapts to your needs.

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Our design philosophy centers around comfort and ease. The handle of EasyPick is ergonomically crafted, with contours that naturally fit the human grip. The gentle, non-slip material reduces the strain on joints, making it a breeze to operate even during flare-ups of arthritis. The handle's design ensures that each use is a soothing experience, rather than a strain.

EasyPick’s ingeniously designed anti-slip mechanism is the secret behind its versatile grip. Whether you're retrieving a glossy magazine or a rough-textured vase, the rubberized jaws adjust their grip intensity, ensuring a firm hold without causing damage. The mechanism is a fine balance between strength and sensitivity, making EasyPick reliable for picking up a wide array of items with precision and care.