Now 40% Off + Free shipping  |  Magic Dust Wand™: No more hair, dust, dirt, or lint.

• Perfect for owners of hairy friends & dusty spaces.

• Never need to be refilled.

• Double sided & extra large.

• Lasts forever.

• Self cleaning base & easy to empty.

• Thousands of micro bristles.

Stop using rollers. They are bad for the environment. In the long run they cost a lot of money because they have to be replaced all the time. They cost a lot of time, money and energy. Save yourself the trouble.

gif image on why you should not use lint rollers

How to use?

1. Clean effortlessly

2. Clean the wand

3. Empty the base

New Micro-Bristle Technology

The secret is the new micro-bristle technology. The extra-large Magic Dust Wand™ has thousands of soft, tiny bristles don't miss a thing. Perfect for pet lovers - hair, lint, fluff, dander and dandruff are gone in seconds. Use it on beds, carpets, sofas, clothes, curtains, pet beds, blankets, duvets, cushions, in the car...

Self-Cleaning Base

The best bit is the innovative self-cleaning base. Just one quick dip in and out of the base and the hair is removed and the Magic Dust Wand™ is ready to go again. To empty, just remove the base clip and let the hair fall into the bin. No mess, no fuss. You never need to touch the hair.

No Refills needed....Ever

Magic Dust Wand™ never runs out and never needs refills - it'll last you years. No more buying refills, no more tearing sheets off, no tape, no mess. You'll save a fortune. Fur Friend is the last lint brush you'll ever need to buy.

When ordering, you get the pocket version, worth €11,99,-


useful for on the go.

Promotion valid while stocks last.

Science says 1 gram of cat hair contains about 1 million bacteria. And, 1 gram of dog hair contains about 1.8 million bacteria. People spend weekly on lint rollers, which exhaust our earthly resources. But... don't worry. There is a solution to all this! Magic Dust Wand™ is a eco-friendly, cheap, and durable option that makes cleaning up hair a easy task, so the saved time can be spent with our furry friends.


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