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gif anti spill hero lid

Meet MagicMelt 4-in-1 the most versatile chopping board you'll ever see!

Designed in a clever way to fulfill 4 functions:
✪ Defrosting (back side)
✪ Chopping (front side)
✪ Knife sharpening
✪ Grinder for garlic, finger & more

Actually, it's not magic, it's science!

Lightening speed defrosting that just WORKS. Every single time! Proven to defrost more than 5x faster!

gif anti spill hero lid
gif anti spill hero lid

You Don't even need to remove your food from the packaging!

No more "I forgot to get it out of the freezer earlier" moments!

Easily keeps your knife Sharp!

No more extra separate kitchen tools and gadgets are needed! Life should not be more complex😖. But simpler and easier🥰

gif anti spill hero lid
gif anti spill hero lid

Comes with a built-in Herb & Spice grinder!

Cutting garlic can be frustrating at times😫. Now you can easily grind your herbs & spices! Bringing extra flavors and nutrition's to your meal!

It has a robust non-sticky cutting board side too!

From robust and premium materials designed to last long! We say this with sincere love for and sincere believe in this product. If you're not satisfied you have 90 days to return. Easily and free of charge!

gif anti spill hero lid
gif anti spill hero lid

But wait. We are not finished yet. It also defrosts pastry!

This will be the last chopping board you'll ever need!

We offer a special temporary price at the store! Want to see it? Click the button below before we run out of stock!